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Toller Open Show

(November 18, 2017)

Not such a nice atmosphere at this show this year sadly and the numbers that actually showed were well down in my opinion, although the little group we were with are always good to be around and I had the company of one of my best friends Tracey with her gorgeous goldies entered nfc.  

In my opinion the judging after lunch was a little strange as I have never seen a ""seen" dog gone over as if it was a new dog but it is upto the judge I guess.   I also couldn't understand why the mixed working class was placed after the bitch classes - it would have made more sense in my opinion to have had the class after open dog allowing the Best Dog to be declared before lunch and then the remaining bitch classes to take place after lunch, with the Best Bitch being declared followed by BIS. By the end of the classes it did seem like the officials were getting a little confused.

Kiva managed a credible 4th place in Veteran Dog/Bitch class, Kyro won his class and Reserve Best Dog and Kyte was placed 2nd in Open bitch.

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