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Annual Riverwatcher walk - 2017

(November 22, 2017)

Riverwatcher walk Nov 17

We have just had our annual Riverwatcher walk - All Riverwatcher puppies and their owners that I still have contact with are invited each year to join us on a walk - in the summer we usually have a byo picnic and in the winter we tend to end up in a pub.  This year we were pleased to have Tracey and her goldies join us.  Tracey was a great help with the 2nd litter as on her normal visit to us we had the puppies and Mum, Dad and myself all went down with a nasty bug and Tracey took over caring for the pups for us, so although not a Riverwatcher owner she is a big part of our Riverwatcher family.

Thank you to everyone for an enjoyable day!  Hope to see you at the next walk.

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