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LKA 2017 - Kyro BOB, Kyte RBB and Kiva BV

(December 10, 2017)

Well on a cold snowy morning at 6.30 am my Dad, my 3 tollers and I headed of to the Birmingham NEC.  The weather was so bad that we travelled up the M40 at 30-35 mph with the Sat Nav saying we would be there by 8.20am.  Just after junction 15,  4.2miles from from the junction with the M42 and only 13 miles from the NEC the traffic ground to a halt at 8.10am.  After about 1.5 - 2hrs the traffic finally started moving.  I made the decision to still go to the NEC and see if we could at least get the girls in the ring.  My dad and I grabbed a few essentials and the dogs and made our way to the Halls.  As we walked into the hall the announcement was made over the tannoy "Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers judging would start in 10 mins in ring 35" Incredibly against the odds we'd made it!!!  Judging had been delayed by 30 mins apparently.

Kyro won his class and then went on to take the Best Dog and Best of Breed awards, Kyte won the Reserve Best Bitch and Kiva was Best Veteran.  

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