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First Show of 2018 - Manchester Championship Show

(January 21, 2018)

Well 2018 started with much better results than I expected.  Kyro and Kyte are out of coat - although both are starting to show signs that it is on it's way back thank heavens and Kiva currently has the best coat but this is starting to blow!  Manchester was more of a chance to see family and friends and to remind the kids what showing was about.  So braving the elements (snow and torrential rain) we went to Stafford.

Kyro was his normal showman self - he looked miserable because I made him wear a coat from the car to the show rings but turned it on in the ring as usual winning one of the strongest Open classes I've seen and earned himself another Best Dog and a Best Opposite Sex .

Kyte bless her is not the show(wo)man her uncle is but moved like a dream but had a serious lack of coat so to gain a 2nd place in the open class was amazing and to be awarded the Reserve Best Bitch even more so!

Kiva was originally handled by Dad but after his leg gave out Julie Wakely was commandeered to finish of the job and they did amazingly well as she was the oldest dog in the ring but sadly no placing for them.

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