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Where are you?

(April 25, 2018)

Well I thought I'd pop a quick post up on the site as people keep asking me where I am as we haven't been to many shows since January.

I actually have the luxury of being able to pick and chose where and when I show my dogs due to them all having their studbook numbers.  This also enables me to chose which judges my dogs make an appearance under, those that I believe to be fair, ethical and unbiased tend to be the ones that I tend to give my entries to these days.  I also have a couple of judging appointments this year that I'm really looking forward to which will prevent me from entering those shows. 

I have some shows coming up (favourites of mine) and am planning a couple of trips away showing so hopefully this will bring some news to the site at a later date.  I also needed a bit of a break and want to just to let the dogs enjoy being dogs.  

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