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Congratulations to the Riverwatcher Puppies on taking Group 2 in Gundog Breeders class

(May 08, 2010)
Thanks to Zoe & Justin with owners Janice and Mandy I had enough of my puppies there to enter the breeders class and then we went into the Group judging for the breeders stakes and took the G2 place.  I can't believe that we did so well against some established breeds with the puppies being so young.
Many thanks to Mandy & Janice for staying to show in the Group,(and also to Lynne and Christine for waiting for Mandy),  I know that you had a long trip home so thanks guys.
Zoe was placed 2nd and qualifies for Crufts, Braces 3rd and qualifies for Crufts and Kiva 4th in the puppy bitch class, beaten by a puppy that was that was nearly a year old and in full coat, who then went onto receive G4 in the puppy gundog group judging.
Justin had a harder job as nearly all of the puppies were almost a year old and being just 6mths he looked like the baby he is, however he did go on to get 4th place.  So we are all very proud of him and Zoe for doing so well.
Thanks to Mrs Hargraves for making it a good experience for the pups and being so gentle with them all. 

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