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KODA is the 1st bitch to get 2 Best of Breeds at Champ Shows since 2001

(July 30, 2010)

Koda standing

Koda is the only bitch to date to have got 2 Best of Breeds at a Championship show since 2001. 
She is one of the few elite bitches to have received a Best of Breed award since tollers were allowed to show at Championship shows in 2001.
The Best of Breed bitches are to date;
Paignton - Lyonhouse Ila Stuart of Seasmoke
Gundog Society of Wales - Acadian Apache Tears for Kymin
Crufts - Narod the Enchanting Dream
National Gundog- Decoymans Piper Flisa
Bath - Camusmor Caol Ila
United Retriever - Shoredancer Sea Pink via Riverwatcher
SKC - Decoymans Piper Kestrel
Boston - Corlitgold Tokala
Three Counties - Hillscourt Arty Miss at Flanova
Leeds - Shoredancer Sea Pink via Riverwatcher

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