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Koda gets a CAC-CACIB!!

(January 31, 2012)
Well we made a trip to Belgium and went to an International dog show.  Had a great day with one of my best friends, Sharon and to make it even better Koda was award 1st place, marked excellent and then given the CACS - CACIB - her first international Championship point!!!  Kiva was shown by Sharon who had never set foot in a show ring before and was beaten by her mother!!!  I only realised at the last minute that we were being judged for BOB, a lovely young male beat Koda for that placing but me I was over the moon that she got marked excellent and a bonus was getting the CAC-CACIB!!  Both girls came home with lovely trophies (that we keep!) and big certificates!!
I would say that judging is much stricter and our judge was checking everything very thoroughly.

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