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Kyro attains his Stud book Number

(June 10, 2014)

Well I checked on the Kennel Club MyKC site yesterday and Kyro,  Atka has been awarded his Stud Book Number!! This is the 3rd dog that I have breed , (out of only 2 litters), to have been awarded a stud book number and this means that on the Assured Breeders website I now have my SB (Stud book) Accolade.

There are only 2 other assured breeders on this list to have achieved that and I'm very proud to have become the 3rd. It means to me that I have managed to breed dogs of quality, that in judges opinions are to breed standard.  I do not breed excessively in fact only when I want a puppy so it is a fabulous honour in my eyes!

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