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Kyte BOB & Kyro BOS & Belgian Title

(February 20, 2016)

Wow - What a special day it was on Saturday 20th February.  My 3 dogs and I made the trip to Belgium to the Flanders International Dog Show in Gent Belgium.

The Judge, Mr Ronny Bloome, gave Kyro the male CAC & CACIB and BOS.  The CAC was the last point that he needed for his Belgian Sh Ch title and was actually his 5th CAC and 6th CACIB.

To my amazement Mr Bloome then gave Kyte the female CAC & CACIB and BOB.  This is her first CAC & CACIB although she has had a RCAC & RCACIB

My thanks go to everyone for their kind words and compliments and special thanks to Angelique for handling Kyro in the challenge for BOB and Annemiek for making the day complete and special and the reason Kyro is here.

Thanks to Thierry for allowing me to use Littleriver's Prince Duckinson, Kyte's Daddy.


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