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Kyro BIS beating 108 tollers March 24, 2019
Kyro went Best In Show at the NSDTR Club of UK's Championship Show today.  He beat 108 other tollers to the top honour. My thanks to the judge... [MORE]

Star 09.05.18 - 15.05.18 May 15, 2018
Extremely sad day - we lost one of our little boys.  He appears to have aspirated on his mums milk.  We are heartbroken. ... [MORE]

Riverwatcher litter No 4 born May 09, 2018
Very happy to announce that the 4th Riverwatcher litter were born today.  5 boys and 2 girls were welcomed into the world. ... [MORE]

Where are you? April 25, 2018
Well I thought I'd pop a quick post up on the site as people keep asking me where I am as we haven't been to many shows since January. I actually h... [MORE]

Crufts 2018 March 12, 2018
I didn't enter the breed classes at Crufts this year with my guys but Charlie and Marlow with their owners Julie and Ross Wakely did and they all di... [MORE]

First Show of 2018 - Manchester Championship Show January 21, 2018
Well 2018 started with much better results than I expected.  Kyro and Kyte are out of coat - although both are starting to show signs that it i... [MORE]

LKA 2017 - Kyro BOB, Kyte RBB and Kiva BV December 10, 2017
Well on a cold snowy morning at 6.30 am my Dad, my 3 tollers and I headed of to the Birmingham NEC.  The weather was so bad that we travelled u... [MORE]

Kyro goes Reserve Best In Show December 03, 2017
Well the boy did it again!!  He won the Reserve Best in Show place at Coventry & District Open Show under Bill Orzel and winning BOB under ... [MORE]

Annual Riverwatcher walk - 2017 November 22, 2017
We have just had our annual Riverwatcher walk - All Riverwatcher puppies and their owners that I still have contact with are invited each year to ... [MORE]

Toller Open Show November 18, 2017
Not such a nice atmosphere at this show this year sadly and the numbers that actually showed were well down in my opinion, although the little group... [MORE]

Gundog Breeds of Scotland - Kyte shortlisted for BIS! November 11, 2017
Well a marathon trip to Scotland and back without a sleepover was made!!! Well worth the trip which was primarily made to show Alfie, Riverwatc... [MORE]

Midland Counties Champ Show 2017 October 29, 2017
Another fabulous show, lots of laughs with great company a very late start in the ring (3pm) but who cares when you're enjoying yourself!!! I just ... [MORE]

Another fantastic day of showing! October 11, 2017
After managing to get a day off work, my 3 tollers and I travelled to Malvern to the Gundog Society of Wales Championship Show, to show under Mrs D ... [MORE]

Kyte goes Gundog Group 4 at South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show October 07, 2017
What an amazing day!! The Riverwatcher family were in great form - Kyro won his Open Class with his brother Marlow coming in 2nd and then Kyro won ... [MORE]

Kyte is officially an International Show Champion September 21, 2017
Came home to a lovely letter yesterday confirming that Kyte (ShCh Riverwatcher Pikpaktuk JW,CW'16) has officially received her International Show Ch... [MORE]

Tango awarded UKA Outstanding Achievement Award 2 in Steeplechase September 21, 2017
Mark has let me know that Tango (Riverwatcher Kanosak) has received her UKA Outstanding Achievement Award 2 in Steeplechase.   Amazing!! What a... [MORE]

Kyro & Kyte get Top Honours in Breed at Richmond Champ Show September 10, 2017
The Riverwatcher's human family were all present at Richmond Championship Show to cheer on Kiva, Kyro & Kyte under judge Mrs Penny Willams (Bour... [MORE]

Tango & Crunchie Agility Update September 02, 2017
Had a lovely update from Mark Williams on his Riverwatcher dogs' agility results Tango's results GT June 2x1st, 2x2nd & 1x4th Just sox 3x3rd ... [MORE]

Welsh Kennel Club August 20, 2017
Another fabulous day for the Riverwatcher boys at WKC under Mrs Pam Blay. Charlie (Riverwatcher Kaviksuk) lead off with a 1st in the Limit Class, t... [MORE]

Pink (Riverwatcher Suka) goes grade 7 August 17, 2017
So proud of Amanda Grist and Pink (Riverwatcher Suka).  Amanda has just informed me that they have just won 2 classes that have moved them up... [MORE]

Kyte, Riverwatcher Pikpaktuk JW, is now a KC confirmed Show Champion August 03, 2017
  My 3rd homebred show champion has now been confirmed by the Kennel Club.  She is the 3rd Show Champion I have bred and the 2nd that I... [MORE]

Hampshire Gundog Open Show July 23, 2017
Another good day, with good company at Hampshire Gundog Show.  Kyro won Best of Breed, with Kyte 2nd in Open behind him, thank you to our judge... [MORE]

Amanda & Pink at Lune Valley Agility July 01, 2017
Amanda & Pink, Riverwatcher Suka, made their 1st trip north to Lune Valley Agility. Amanda tells me that Pink had an amazing weekend winning 3x ... [MORE]

New Riverwatcher UK Show Champion June 29, 2017
So, so happy - my 3rd UK Show Champion was crowned today at Windsor Championship Show. Kyte, Riverwatcher Pikpaktuk JW, CW'16 won her 3rd CC un... [MORE]

Flying the Flag for the Riverwatchers! June 04, 2017
So proud of these Riverwatcher "puppies" and their fabulous owners for flying the Riverwatcher flag in their various hobbies this weekend. In the b... [MORE]

Riverwatchers take the CC's, BOB & BOS at SKC May 20, 2017
What an amazing day for the Riverwatchers at Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show!  Kyro won the Dog CC (his 8th one) and took Best of Breed ... [MORE]

Kyro wins DCC, BOB and is shortlisted at Birmingham National May 05, 2017
I am overwhelmed at the moment - my boy won his 7th CC under breed specialist Tina Westwood and then went onto be shortlisted to the last 9 dogs und... [MORE]

Kyte, Riverwatcher Pikpaktuk JW, CW'16 crowned an International Show Champion April 30, 2017
Both Kyro and Kyte won the CACIBs at Amiens today.  This gives Kyte her International Show Champion title (subject to confirmation by the FCI) ... [MORE]

Kyro wins BOB and Green Star at Combined Canine National Show April 16, 2017
It was Kyro's turn to win BOB in Ireland today, beating Kyte with both getting their 3rd Green Stars ... [MORE]

Kyte wins BOB at Combined Canine International Show, Dublin April 15, 2017
Kyte won the BOB, Green Star and Bitch CACIB under Mr Tom Bradley at the Combined Canine International Show in Dublin today, beating Kyro who won th... [MORE]

Kyro wins Best In Show at the NSDTR Club Of UK Champ show March 26, 2017
Amazing!!!  My boy went Best in Show under Jenny Miller at the Toller Club Champ Show today, again both my girls were also placed too. The ici... [MORE]

Kyro wins Dog CC at Crufts 2017!!! March 11, 2017
What an amazing day my boy only went and won the Dog Challenge Certificate at Crufts and was Best Opposite Sex And both my girls Kiva and Kyte were... [MORE]

Kyte wins her 1st CC - Kiva earns her Studbook Number! August 07, 2016
My baby girl Kyte, Riverwatcher Pikpaktuk JW, CW'16 has won her first CC from a very strong group of bitches today at National Gundog under Mrs Caro... [MORE]

Marlow gets his Studbook Number! July 01, 2016
Marlow, Riverwatcher Nukilik won a strong Limit class at Windsor and in doing so also wins his Studbook number. Congratulations to Julie & Ross... [MORE]

Kyro is a UK Show Champion (subject to KC confirmation)! May 21, 2016
What an amazing day it was today!! Kyro won his 3rd CC under Mr John Thirwell which gives him his UK Show Champion title (subject to KC confirmatio... [MORE]

Kyro wins his 2nd CC under Frank Kane May 05, 2016
Wowee my boy just won his 2nd CC under Mr Frank Kane and he went Best of Breed too. Mr Kane was very complimentary and thanked me for bringing such ... [MORE]

Kyro Best in Show - Belgian Toller Club Championship Show May 02, 2016
Wow my boy Kyro, Bel/Lux/Int Sh Ch Riverwatcher Atka BWBE'14, BWNL'15, CW'16 was Best in Show under Monique Legrand Leloup at the BTC for the 2nd ye... [MORE]

Kyro's International Show Champion title confirmed March 23, 2016
Wowee a letter arrived today confirming Kyro's International Show Champion title.  So proud of this homebred boy! ... [MORE]

IKC Celtic Winners Show March 19, 2016
On the 18th March Kiva, Kyro, Kyte and I had a trip to Ireland for a long weekend break (it's been on my bucket list to visit), whilst we were going... [MORE]

Kyte BOB & Kyro BOS & Belgian Title February 20, 2016
Wow - What a special day it was on Saturday 20th February.  My 3 dogs and I made the trip to Belgium to the Flanders International Dog Show in ... [MORE]

Kyte Reserve Best Bitch - Manchester Champ Show January 17, 2016
A good day for the Riverwatchers with 4 out 5 entered gaining places. Out of the boys (Kryro, Marlow and Charlie) the results were Marlow gained a ... [MORE]

East Anglian Supermatch being held 27/02/16 January 14, 2016
Kyro and I received an invite to the East Anglian Supermatch which is being held on the 27th February - I have responded with a yes as it will make ... [MORE]

RCAC & RCACIB for Kyro & Kyte to start 2016 show season off January 09, 2016
The 2016 show season has got off to a flying start with an overseas show in Belgium. At the Hoogstraten show all 3 of my dogs won their classes and ... [MORE]

Top Toller Competitions January 08, 2016
The Our Dogs and Dog World Newspapers run several competitions with their sponsors each year and I am very proud to announce the following; Top Tol... [MORE]

Koda 21.10.2006 - 15.12.2015 December 15, 2015
It is with a broken heart that I have to announce that my beautiful Koda has left us for Rainbow Bridge tonight.  After a short illness she bec... [MORE]

Tango & Mark at UKA Finals November 30, 2015
Mark and Tango have been busy this weekend competing at the UKA Finals.  They had many places in various classes but their most notable were th... [MORE]

Kyro goes RBIS at the Toller Club of UK's Open Show November 21, 2015
Kyro, Lux Ch Riverwatcher Atka BWBE'14, BWNL'15, went Reserve Best in Show at the Toller Club of UK's Open Show His brother Marlow, Riverwatcher Nu... [MORE]

Kyte's Junior Warrant award confirmed November 12, 2015
Over the moon to announce that Kyte's Junior Warrant has been confirmed.  She is now Lux Junior Ch Riverwatcher Pikpaktuk JW BWJLU'15. This ma... [MORE]

Kyro RBIS at Mid Herts Gundog Show October 25, 2015
Apologies for not updating this since January!  Hopefully you've all approved of the new look to the website? Kyro, Lux Ch Riverwatcher Atka, ... [MORE]

Kyro's 2nd European Show January 25, 2015
Kyro had a 2nd trip to Belgium today and he was again graded excellent and won the CAC and CACIB -  He has 3 Belgain CAC's and 2 CACI... [MORE]

Kyro goes to Europe! December 07, 2014
Kyro and I went to the Brussels Dog show today.  I'm so proud of this boy of mine - he was graded Excellent and placed 1st in his class.  ... [MORE]

Kiva's puppies are here August 24, 2014
Kiva's pups have arrived.  She safely delivered her 4 puppies overnight, 1 girl and 3 boys. ... [MORE]

Kyro attains his Stud book Number June 10, 2014
Well I checked on the Kennel Club MyKC site yesterday and Kyro,  Atka has been awarded his Stud Book Number!! This is the 3rd dog that I have b... [MORE]

Kyro's CEA/CH results are in! February 25, 2014
Kyro's results came back from Optigen last night.  He had a 50/50 chance of being a Carrier or Clear and he has come back as a Carrier like his... [MORE]

Riverwatchers take Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show at Toller 2013 Open Show!! November 23, 2013
What an amazing day, today has been! My little boy, Kyro, Riverwatcher Atka went Best in Show and my youngest girl Kiva, Riverwatcher Ikkuma, took ... [MORE]

Riverwatchers make breed history!! May 18, 2013
I'm very proud to say that Riverwatcher tollers made breed history in Scotland this weekend. I am the first breeder to have 3 puppies that they bree... [MORE]

Kiva's Dad is the 1st UK Show Champion Toller! May 10, 2013
Kiva's Dad is the 1st UK Show Champion Toller! Congratulations to Babs Harding and Elaine Whitehill on their 3rd CC for Trevargh the Entertainer at... [MORE]

Kiva wins her first Best Bitch September 09, 2012
Wow what a day we had today at Richmond Championship Show!!  My baby Kiva (well she's nearly 3 now!) won her first Best Bitch under breed speci... [MORE]

Tango qualifies for the UKA Games Semi- Finals September 02, 2012
Mark has let me know that Tango has qualified for the UKA Games Semi-Finals in 2013.  Well done Tango!!! ... [MORE]

SKC - An Agility Champion is born! May 21, 2012
Koda's sister Rogue and her owner Amanda Hampson made breed history at SKC this weekend by being the first UK Toller Champion in any of the Dog spor... [MORE]

WELKS April 29, 2012
At an extremely wet and windy WELKS, Koda was awarded Best Bitch and qualified for Crufts 2013 under Mrs Tina Westwood. It was definitely a trying ... [MORE]

Agility March 18, 2012
Today we, my mum, dad & I, went to see one of Koda's pups, Tango at an agility show being held at Mapledurham.  Tango launched ... [MORE]

Koda gets 2nd CACIB!!! March 12, 2012
Well I must be mad but I took Koda to France on Sunday 11th March to a show in Douai.  It was a test to see if I could handle the drivin... [MORE]

Crufts 2012 March 10, 2012
Well it has been a while since I wrote anything on here. What a great day we had at Crufts despite having a bad back and aching knees!! ... [MORE]

Koda gets a CAC-CACIB!! January 31, 2012
Well we made a trip to Belgium and went to an International dog show.  Had a great day with one of my best friends, Sharon and to make it eve... [MORE]

Richmond Show September 11, 2011
Fabulous news KIVA went Reserve Best Bitch in Breed today!!  Great day with good company (thanks Sheila).    Yesterday we ha... [MORE]

Simon Bradley, Ruddyduck Tollers July 13, 2011
I was saddened to hear that Simon Bradley, husband of Rachel Bradley, of Ruddyduck Tollers had passed away today.   He was a lovely, friendl... [MORE]

Justin - Hips & Elbows July 05, 2011
Mandy has just told me that Justin's hip scores were not as good as she hoped.  Obviously we are both disappointed.   He has a hip score... [MORE]

Koda does it again!! June 03, 2011
Wowee Koda did again today - she went Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex at Southern Counties Canine Association Championship show today.  This... [MORE]

Merlin Update May 24, 2011
Well back at work today after the fabulous weekend in Scotland - groan!!   Have just taken a call from Sheila, Merlin's mum, and she te... [MORE]

Mother & Son Take Top Awards in Breed at SKC May 22, 2011
Koda and her son Justin took the top awards at the Scottish Kennel Club Championship show today.   This was Koda's 9th Best Bitch in Br... [MORE]

Keno 06.09.1997 - 03.05.2011 May 03, 2011
I'm heartbroken to report that Keno decided that it was time to look after Braces, Twinkle, Finn, Buster, Bonnie and our friend Becky and sto... [MORE]

CRUFTS 2011 March 11, 2011
What a fab day at Crufts for the Riverwatchers it was!   Sadly spoilt the following day when I heard the things that have been said by ... [MORE]

At long last I found it! February 18, 2011
At long last I finally found a Hill's leaflet with Keno on!!  He was about 8 years old when this was taken and he's now 13 and a half!!! &... [MORE]

Braces 03.11.2009 - 27.01.2011 January 27, 2011
Today my heart is breaking as I have had let Braces go.   As you know she has had SRMA and sadly the steroids to treat the illness weak... [MORE]

Kiva qualifies for Crufts 2012 at 1st Show this year January 25, 2011
Kiva qualified for Crufts 2012 at her first show this year.  Dad showed her at Manchester show and gained a 3rd place with her - Well done gu... [MORE]

Justin gets his KCGC Gold! November 22, 2010
Mandy rang me this evening to let me know that Justin got his Gold Kennel Club Good Citizen award this evening!   Well done Mandy and ... [MORE]

Merlin November 01, 2010
Sadly Merlin has also been diagnosed with SRMA.  Obviously as his breeder I'm heartbroken that there are now 2 puppies diagnosed with ... [MORE]

Bring the News upto Date October 18, 2010
Sorry I have neglected the site for a while!   Justin now has 8 BPIB so I don't think he can be beaten for the Top Toller Pup spot alth... [MORE]

Justin gets his 5th Best Puppy in Breed. September 12, 2010
Congratulations to Justin on his 5th Best Puppy in Breed!!    ... [MORE]

Braces is home!! Yipee!!! September 07, 2010
We picked Braces up from the hospital today!!  I'm amazed at the difference 3 little white tablets have made!  She literally bounced out to ... [MORE]

Braces diagnosed with SRMA September 06, 2010
Sadly Braces has been diagnosed with SRMA today.  We are devastated but know that she will recover with treatment.   I will be rev... [MORE]

Braces, Riverwatcher Iyaroak gets her 3rd Best Puppy award August 22, 2010
  The Riverwatcher family did extremely well at the Welsh KC Championship show today with mum Koda, Shoredancer Sea Pink via Riverw... [MORE]

Justin racks up his 4th Best Puppy award August 15, 2010
Just 4 days after his 3rd Best Puppy and Reserve Best Puppy in show, Justin (& Lynne) travelled to Bournemouth Champ Show where he rack... [MORE]

Justin goes Reserve Best Puppy In Show!! August 11, 2010
  Justin goes Reserve Best Puppy in Show at URC Championship show today.  It was a fantastic day for him as he took BP in Bree... [MORE]

Zoe gets her 2nd RBB and 2nd BP at National Gundog! August 07, 2010
  Zoe, Riverwatcher Yakone, got her 2nd Reserve Best Bitch and 2nd Best Puppy award at National Gundog today.  Koda, her mum g... [MORE]

Wookie, Riverwatcher Tuwawi makes it 6 for Crufts August 03, 2010
  Congratulations to Wookie and Amanda for their 2nd place and making it the 6th Riverwatcher puppy to qualify for Crufts. &nbs... [MORE]

KODA is the 1st bitch to get 2 Best of Breeds at Champ Shows since 2001 July 30, 2010
  Koda is the only bitch to date to have got 2 Best of Breeds at a Championship show since 2001.    She is on... [MORE]

Zoe, Riverwatcher Yakone gets Best Puppy & Reserve Best Bitch! July 25, 2010
Congratulations to Zoe, Riverwatcher Yakone, for her Best Puppy and Reserve Best Bitch at Leeds today.   Thanks to the Riverwatcher tea... [MORE]

Riverwatcher Takubvik makes it number 5 for Crufts 2011!! July 04, 2010
  Congratulations to Sheila, Paddy & Merlin on getting Best Puppy on their first venture into Breed showing at Windsor Champion... [MORE]

Justin (Riverwatcher K'eyush) makes it 4 for Crufts!!! June 28, 2010
Congratulations to Mandy Holt, Justin's owner and Lynne Copeland, Justin's handler on his 1st Best Puppy award and qualifying for Crufts 2011!!! ... [MORE]

Braces does it again! Her 2nd Best Puppy in Breed! June 09, 2010
Braces took Best Puppy in Breed at Three Counties Championship show today under Andrew Brace.   Her sister Kiva was 2nd behind Braces a... [MORE]

Braces is Best Puppy in Breed at Southern Counties June 04, 2010
Braces, Riverwatcher Iyaroak, went Best Puppy in Breed today at Southern Counties Championship show.   Kiva, Riverwatcher Ikkuma, was ... [MORE]

Puppies Dad, Woody (Trevargh the Entertainer at Brizewood), takes G4 at Birmingham National May 08, 2010
The puppies dad Woody took the Group 4 placing at the Birmingham National today!   Way to go dad!!!... [MORE]

Congratulations to the Riverwatcher Puppies on taking Group 2 in Gundog Breeders class May 08, 2010
Thanks to Zoe & Justin with owners Janice and Mandy I had enough of my puppies there to enter the breeders class and then we went into the Gro... [MORE]

Kennel Gazette - May issue May 01, 2010
Handsome Woody, the "Inuit" Riverwatcher pups dad was the cover photo on the May issue of the Kennel Gazette.   Inside the Toller was t... [MORE]

Koda qualifies for Crufts 2011 April 23, 2010
Koda qualified for Crufts 2011 at her 1st show after Crufts 2010.  She was placed 2nd at WELKS - the first time she had been in Open! &nbs... [MORE]

Crufts Result March 15, 2010
Koda got 5th or Very Highly Commended at DFS Crufts 2010.    Considering she had no coat, tail featherings and knickers at all, we... [MORE]

Puppies have left!!! January 02, 2010
The puppies have left home now!  However we are now keeping 2 puppies and not 1 puppy as originally planned!!  Kiva and Braces are staying w... [MORE]

Riverwatcher's 1st Puppies born November 03, 2009
Koda gave birth to 8 beautiful puppies, 5 girls and 3 boys.  Mum & pups doing really well.  Congratulations Koda & Woody!!... [MORE]