Braces (Riverwatcher Iyaroak)

Riverwatcher Iyaroak
03.11.09 - 27.01.11
 Braces is one of the girls from the Koda / Woody mating, the "Inuit" litter.  Her name means apple of the eye and she lives up to it!
It was never our intention to keep two girls however one of the girls' home fell through at the last minute and we are currently keeping them both on a trial basis with the hope that it becomes permanent, but it does depend on how my parents cope whilst I am at work.
Well the girls are now 5 mths old and seem to be a permanent fixture.  They are both different in looks and personalities and I think that they are both great!!
Braces 5mths
13/09/10 - Braces is now 10 months old and has just been diagnosed with SRMA (Steroid Responsive Meningitis Arteritis).  Obviously I am heartbroken that she has this, however I'm very happy to report that she is doing very well on the meds that the vets have her on.  I'm also very grateful to my wonderful puppy owners, who were aware that Koda's brother had had SRMA and that there was a risk with a puppy from my litter, they have been so supportive and have all told me to continue to breed as they would be happy to have another from Koda even knowing this.  They are a wonderful group of people and it just confirms to me that I picked the right people for my pups!  Thank you all!
My priority at the moment is Braces and the next 6-8 months of treatment that she has ahead of her.  She is amazing and you would not know that there was anything wrong with her until you saw the bald patches!! We have our little girl back and she has returned to beating up her sister in no uncertain terms!
Sadly we lost Braces on January 27th 2011.  It appears that she reacted to the high dosage of steroids and this in it's turn damaged her ligaments and caused bilateral cruciate ligament failure.  Braces underwent extra-capsular repair on the right hind leg which eventually failed on the 27th January 2011 and caused damage to her back and we made the awfully hard and sad decision to put her to sleep.  We miss her dreadfully and always will....

Braces 2 31.05.10

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