ShCh/Int ShCh Riverwatcher Pikpaktuk's Show Results

 Kyte NGA 11mths

Riverwatcher Pikpaktuk aged 11 months 

Mr Harri Lehkonen, SCCA Championship Show 2016 - "Very promising young bitch. Beautiful head & expression. Balanced angulation. Correct proportions, just needs time to mature & get more coat. Pleasing temperament & sound movement. BB & BP." 

Mrs Tina Westwood Breed Specialist, NGA Championsip Show 2015 - "On the taller side but balanced throughout. Good lay of shoulder and bend to stifle, well boned. Straight front on neat feet. Moved at one with her handler. BP."

Ms Verena Neuburger, Richmond Championship Show 2015- "Promising young bitch already showing distinct Toller qualities. Feminine head and expression. Balanced standing and moving. Correct tail carriage and single tracking on moving. Correct angulations. Bone matching type. Desired colouring and coat. A lot of ring presence." BOB

Mrs Christine Powley Breed Specialist, South Wales Championship Show 2015 - "Anstead's Riverwatcher Pikpaktuk Lux Jun Ch. Lovely feminine head, nice body, tight feet, strong quarters, well muscled, nice outline and a good coat, good correct bite, moved with drive. BB"

Mr Henric Fryckstrand, Manchester Championship Show 2016 -  "Anstead´s Riverwatcher Pikpaktuk. What a sound bitch of high quality she is, kindest of heads and expressions, excellent neck and good front assembly, very good body and feet, excellent ribs and deep through the heart, strong topline, good hindquarters, moved very well and shown in correct coat, well presented, RBB"

Mrs Carole Coode, National Gundog Championship Show 2016 - "My BCC & RBOB was Anstead’s Riverwatcher Pikpaktuk, a super bitch with the strength & size that I was looking for. Nearly 2 years, beautiful outline, correct height to length ratio, sweet feminine head, excellent angles front & rear, great through the ribs with spring depth & length, strong short loin, good topline, very well turned stifle & low hocks. Sound movement, coming & going had the edge over 2 here, on well boned legs & tight feet – very well deserved. CC & RBOB"

Mr Gordon Haran, Richmond Championship Show 2016 - "Loved this girl, presented a typical outline, cracking head and that expression, good fill to body, good tailset and carriage, moved with that typical springy driving movement. BB and BOB"

Mr Andrew Brace, Midland Counties Championship Show 2016 - "Mature bitch of excellent type & shape, well bodied & conditioned. Quality head, moderate angulation, well boned & ribbed. Holds herself so well on the go around & is true out & back. BB"

Mr Jeff Horswell, Scottish Kennel Club Championship show 2017 "Anstead's Riverwatcher Pikpaktuk JW CW16. Beautifully conditioned bitch who is very well made. She has a lovely head, super eye and expression and well set ears. Strong and lengthy neck. Well laid shoulder. Well bodied with a good fill of chest. Strong rear,but could just use her rear slightly more in profile. Very typy bitch."

Mrs Aidine Howes, Windsor Championship Show 2017 "So well made all through, strong yet feminine in head she has a kind expression, clean shoulders and compact outline deep through chest to brisket spring to rib, strong quarters moved off quarters that were strong and short from hock to heel driven firmly with open jaunty gait, I was delighted to award her the BCC. I understand this was her 3rd. Many congratulations!"

Mrs Diane Stewart-Ritchie, Gundog Society of Wales 2017 "Anstead's Sh Ch Riverwatcher Pikpaktuk JW,CW'16. BB.  She has such appeal.  Loved her make, shape and type.  Of correct size and with correct length to height proportions.  Stands on super quality bone and neat tidy feet.  Her topline is bang on and her croup and tailset match.  Excelllent angulation fore and aft.  Deep in chest and ribs carried well back to strong muscular loin.  Wide in quarter and good first and second thigh width.  I loved everything about her and most especially her glorious head.  Her expression is devine. Another from this kennel who really comes together on the move.  Reachy side gait and strong out and back.  She really pushed the dog hard and if Id been judging with my heart I'd have given her BOB.  The dog just edging her by a whisker today.  I found her absolutely stunning! "


Show name Judge Class  Placing  Comment
 Manchester Champ Show  Mr S Jobse  Open  2nd  RBB


Show name Judge Class  Placing  Comment
 Manchester Champ Show  Mr Keith Young  Open  1st  RBB
 Merseyside Gundog Open Show  Mr R Stafford  Limit  1st  
 Crufts  Mr J Luscott   Open  3rd  
 NSDTR Club of UK Champ Show  Mrs Jenny Miller  Open  2nd  
 Combined Canine Int Ch Show  Mr T Bradley III   Open   1st Excellent   BOB, CACIB & Green  Star Int Sh Ch title
 Combined Canine National Ch Show  Mr S Scarpellini  Open   1st Excellent   RBOB & Green Star 
 Amiens Mr R Soulat   Open   1st Excellent  CACIB & BOS 
 Birmingham National Mrs Tina Westwood   Open  2nd  
 SKC Mr Jeff Horswell   Open   1st  2nd BCC & BOS
 Windsor Mrs A Howes  Open  1st  3rd BCC -UK ShCh title
 Hampshire Gundog Open Show Mr R McDonald   Open   2nd  
 National Gundog Mr D Hutchinson   Open   2nd   
 WKC Mrs P Blay  Open  3rd  
 Richmond Mrs P Williams  Open  1st  BOS
 SWKA Mr R Mosedale  Open  1st  BOB & Gundog Grp 4
 Gundog Society of Wales Mrs D Stewart-Ritchie   Open   1st   BOS
 Midland Counties Mrs S Pinkerton  Open  2nd  RBB
Gundog Breeds of Scotland Mr B Bunce  Open  1st  BOB Shortlisted for BIS
NSDTR Club of UK Open Show Mr R Bott  Open  2nd  
Ladies Kennel Association Mr C Atkinson  Open  1st RBB


Show name Judge Class  Placing  Comment
 Hoogstraten, Belgium  I Kuyken  Intermediate  1st Excellent  RCAC & RCACIB
 Manchester, UK  H Fryckstrand  Junior  1st  RBB
 Gent, Belgium  R Bloome  Intermediate  1st Excellent  BOB,CAC & CACIB
 IKC Celtic Winners Show, Ireland  D Stewart Ritchie   Intermediate  1st Excellent  Green Star & CACIB
 Chertsey & District Canine Society  R Millan  Open  2nd  
 Belgian Retriever Club Championship   D Chalard  Intermediate   1st Excellent  
 Belgian Toller Club Championship  M Legrand Leloup   Intermediate   2nd Excellent   
 Birmingham National  Frank Kane  Open  4th  
 Scottish Kennel Club  John Thirwell  Open  2nd  
 Paignton & District  Sky Westwood  Open  1st  BB & BOS
 National Gundog Association  Carol Coode  Open  1st  1st CC & BOS
 Welsh Kennel Club  Jonathan Daltrey  Open  1st  RCC
 City of Birmingham  Judy Harrington   Open   1st   BOB
 Richmond  Gordon Haran  Open  1st  BOB
 Maastricht Day 1  W Holstenbech  Open  1st Very Good  
 Maastricht Day 2  R Leelen  Open   1st Excellent   RCACIB
 Midland Counties Champ Show  A Brace  Open  1st  BOS
 Mid Herts Gundog Open Show    Open  2nd  
 Holland Cup  M Blaha  Open  2nd Excellent  
 Amsterdam Winner Show  A Simons  Open  2nd Excellent  



Show name
 Martinidog Show, Netherlands Dr L Hearn (Australia)
 1st Very Promising
Best Puppy
 NSDTR Club of UK Champ Show  Mr Moray Armstrong Puppy  2nd  Qualifies for Crufts 2016
Luxembourg  Mr W Van Den Broeck Puppy 1st Very Promising
Best Puppy
Belgian Retriever Club  Mr Frank Whyte Puppy 1st Very Promising
Best Puppy & 3rd Best Puppy in Show
Belgian Toller Club  
Ingrid Kuyken (Breed Specialist)
Puppy 1st Very Promising
Best Puppy in Show
Birmingham National Mr Colin Troth
 Minor puppy & Puppy
 1st & 1st  
SKC  Mr Jeff Luscott  Puppy & Junior  1st & 1st  
Southern Counties  Mr Harri Lehkonen  Puppy  1st  
Best Puppy, Best Opposite Sex
World Dog Show, Milan, Italy  Mr Nerilli Luigi  Junior  2nd Excellent
Windsor Miss B Johnson Puppy & Junior  1st & 1st  
Hampshire Gundog Ms Hilary Male Special Yearling & Post Graduate  1st & 1st
Best Puppy, Best Opposite Sex
National Gundog Mrs Tina Westwood(Breed Specialist) Puppy, Junior & Graduate

 1st, 1st & 1st

Best Puppy
Welsh Kennel Club Mrs Jill Peak Puppy & Junior 1st & 1st RCC, BP & Stud Book Nos
Luxembourg Mr Guy Kips Junior 1st Excellent Luxembourg Junior Champion BJWLU'15
Richmond Ms Verena Neuberger Junior, Post Graduate & Open 1st in all BOB
South Wales Kennel Association Mrs Christine Goldspink(Breed Specialist) Junior 1st Best Opposite Sex
Mid Herts Gundog Ms Sky Westwood (Breed Specialist) Junior & Graduate 2nd & 1st

 Junior Warrant earned

Toller Club of UK Open Show Dr Ron James
Junior & Graduate 1st & 1st
Holland Cup Mr J De Cuyper Intermediate 1st Very Good  
Amsterdam Winner Show Mr W Hochstenbach Intermediate 1st Excellent